Tauana Sofia — Photographer, Director


Vans - not just one thing campaign

Dop for casa48 film


Anitta - personal project

Jacque - personal project

Mariana Ximenes

Marie Claire BR 

Weslley  - personal project

Personal Project

Timy Konya - Los Angeles

Personal project for Glamour on line

Marie Claire BR

Nathalia - personal project 35mm

Vogue BR - 35mm

Vogue BR

Glamour Magazine

Marie Claire BR

Malu - personal project 

Paula Raia  

Dop Jahnkoy NYC 

Haight Clothing 

Personal Project

Camila Coutinho for @FREEFREEXX

Rider + Bolovo



Tauana Sofia is a photographer and director based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Past clients include, Vans, VansParkSeries, Chanel, Paula Raia, Renner, Fila, Bradesco Private Bank, Haight Clothing, Rider, Canal Off, Riachuelo, Hope Lingerie...  

Since 2008, her work have already been featured in Vogue, Vogue Noivas, GQ, Marie Claire, Glamour, Vice, Garotas Estúpidas,  LWA life without andy, The Summer Hunter, Vans USA, PattiePeople...

She currently has a personal project, a feature film. 
Under Construction will tell the story of the women of the skateboarding world that have dedicated their lives with strength and determination to the sport. They have put all their efforts in order to build the best scene for a woman that are practicing skate nowadays.  The movie’s purpose is to tell the story that was never synthesized in a Feature film the way it is here presented, through female eyes and with a story based on true characters, that with their life experiences can define female skateboarding.

Represented worldwide by  Gustavo Grota gustavo@gustavogrota.com

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